In October 2019, a group of Oyster-Adams students in grades 2 - 8 will begin their research journey as they dive into the history of Oyster-Adams (Ward 3) and the roots of its bilingual program. We are honored to help tell the story of one of DC’s most sought after school programs!

By using the beloved after school club, The Explorer’s Club, as a vessel, Mike Benson and Ana Lopez will guide our students as they participate in primary research, handle historic documents and photographs, visit archives and museums, interview long-time area residents about the changes in their community, and much more! Some of the questions our students may consider are Why is our school named Oyster-Adams? Why are we a bilingual school? What is the power of this place within the history of our community and city? Who are the people who went here and what are their accomplishments?

By the end of the school year, the students will have collected photographs, artifacts, oral histories, and other research that will lead to the creation of a permanent museum-quality exhibit that will be installed on school grounds. Slated for a fall 2020 reveal, this bilingual exhibit will not only excite and engage current Oyster-Adams families, but it will also deepen the community’s understanding of the past by honoring the people and stories that came before.