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Bruce-Monroe Elementary School at Park View

BMPV is a school community that “…stands on the shoulders of  the rich history of different cultural and racial groups who fought tirelessly to ensure that BMPV remained a school that was open, welcoming, inclusive, and supported in their ability to serve the entire community.” We are excited to run a program that documents their shared history, tells the entire story of BMPV, and amplifies the marginalized voices within the school’s unique community!

Our partnership will begin in the fall of 2023 with students in grades 4th and 5th. In an afterschool club setting, our program will empower students to research the history of their school and uncover the stories of their surrounding community. We will then create a permanent, museum-quality exhibit that shares their “school story” with the broader community. This bilingual exhibit will be installed in the school’s main lobby.