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Eliot-Hine Middle School

We are so thankful to have partnered with the talented students and faculty at our first middle school, Eliot-Hine Middle School in Ward 6! With a modernization building renovation underway, we were excited to help the students uncover and share the stories of their school’s past.

The after-school club consisted of students in grades 6 – 8, and in the winter of 2019 they officially kicked-off their program. Led by Kelley Guèye and Patricia Harris, our students participated in neighborhood history walks, visited The National Museum of African American History and Culture, created interview questions for long-time area residents and alumni, and examined historic documents and photographs. They also researched their school’s namesakes—Charles Eliot and Lemon Hine—to explore their lives and legacies.

With the onset of COVID-19 and the closure of DC Public School buildings, our project quickly switched to virtual setting. With the strong support of the Eliot-Hine community, we continued to work closely with the school community, modernization committee, and area residents to bring their exhibit to fruition once the school building reopens.