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H.D. Woodson High School

H.D. Woodson is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Running the SOOS program will bring “a sense of belonging, school pride, and appreciation” into their building through the creation of the final exhibit. They would like to use the course, Freshman Legacy, Learning, and Leadership, as a vessel to engage current students around the SOOS project. The Woodson alumni network is extensive and will be an active partner, as well as the PTO.

The goal of this partnership is to run a 2 year-program that empowers Woodson freshman to research the history of their school and uncover the stories of their school community. Using the students’ findings, we will create a permanent, museum-quality exhibit that shares their “school story” with the broader community. This exhibit will be installed on the school’s campus and used as an educational and recruitment tool for years to come.