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Payne Elementary School

In November 2018, a select group of students in grades 2 – 5 began their journey as they unearthed Payne Elementary’s fascinating history.

Led by two of Payne’s finest, Mrs. Stokes and Ms. Brown guided the students as they participated in primary research, visited local archives and museums, interviewed long-time area residents, heard from guest speakers, and much more! Acting as ambassadors, our students shared their knowledge with the entire student body by creating and performing songs about their research during lunch periods. At the end of the school year museum professionals helped our students transform their year-long research project into a visually engaging museum-quality exhibit.

On February 6, 2020, The Story of Our Schools revealed our third exhibit at Payne Elementary School in Ward 6. The exhibit deepens the community’s understanding of the history of the school, informs and excites prospective families and residents, enhances parent and family engagement, and creates engaging learning tools for teaching history, research skills, and critical thinking.