On October 26th, 2017 The Story of Our Schools was thrilled to reveal our first exhibit at Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan (CHML).

In the fall of 2015, we launched our first pilot program at CHML in Capitol Hill (Ward 6). Guided by two CHML teachers, approximately 20 students (grades 1 - 8) created The Logan Club, an after school program that met once a week. Their mission was to unearth the fascinating history surrounding their school and share their findings with the broader community. They researched questions like Who was John A. Logan? What was the community like when the school was built? How has the school changed over time?

The project offered a rigorous integrated enrichment program aligned with DCPS standards in English Language Arts and History. Students enhanced critical thinking, analytic and writing skills as they researched people, maps, photos, and documents relevant to their school community. The program facilitated student leadership while developing a strong sense of pride in their community. Students were expected to end the year thinking like historians, producing a final written or performance-based product.

The following school year (2016 - 2017), The Logan Club continued their weekly work by transforming their research into a compelling storyline that lent itself to visual exhibition. Through field trips and guest speakers, students worked with curators, exhibit designers, historians, librarians, and community members to complete their research and collect historic images for the exhibit. The students interviewed community members and school alumni to collect oral histories for the exhibit’s digital component, which can be added to for years to come.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to launch our first program at CHML, and it has been an honor to work with the dedicated students, faculty, staff, and parents!


School leaders know how important our connection to community is. Story of Our Schools is an excellent way for school leaders to engage with our neighboring communities to create a shared story that provides endless opportunities for conversations and connections.


Story of Our Schools is a wonderful enrichment program giving students opportunities to think like a historian - critically, analytically and with an open mind - an important skill for success in school and life.