In early November 2018, a select group of students will begin their journey as they unearth Payne Elementary’s fascinating history.

Led by one of Payne’s finest, Ms. Stokes will guide the students as they participate in primary research, visit local archives and museums, interview long-time area residents, hear from guest speakers, and much more! Acting as ambassadors, our students will share their knowledge with the entire school community by visiting classrooms and leading activities for students.

By the end of the school year, our students will have gathered enough information to produce a museum-quality exhibit that will remain permanently installed on school grounds. The exhibit will deepen the community’s understanding of the history of the school community, inform and excite prospective families and residents, enhance parent and family engagement, and create engaging learning tools for teaching history, research skills, and critical thinking.


“Payne Elementary School is a special community with a rich history and strong ties to the people who have lived in the surrounding neighborhood for generations. We are a gentrifying school and creating a permanent exhibit of our history will serve as a monument, commemorating the life of the school and community that has grown over time.”


“Just imagine the possibilities and the opportunities that the students will have while investigating Payne’s long and lustrous history. While using numerous resources for research and digging deep to examine the past, we will also instill skills the students can use for years to come.”