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We are honored to share that on September 21st, Story of Our Schools Executive Director Jennifer Harris received the Nancye T. Suggs School Preservation Award during the Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives 150th Anniversary Gala. 

Charles Sumner School representative Crystal Hurd said: “We’ve had the honor of collaborating with Jen and The Story of Our Schools since its inception almost a decade ago. The collaborations are truly mutually beneficial as our missions are the same. Working with SOOS has allowed us to broaden our reach, train and support the next generations—specifically inspiring an interest in history and nurturing a sense of pride…I could stand here and speak for hours about Jen—and I’m sure you all know I could—but her amazing Board and staff and their impactful organization have been just amazing to the city.”

The award’s namesake Nancye Suggs had a career that spanned 42 years with DCPS and became the second director/curator of the Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives. The event was sponsored by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education under the leadership of Charles Sumner School Executive Director, Kimberly Springle and attended by an extensive network of DCPS alumni, and DCPS and OSSE representatives including OSSE Superintendent Dr. Christina Grant and DCPS Chancellor Dr. Lewis Ferebee.

Photo courtesy of Jati Lindsay (@jatiphoto)

Pictured: Kimberly Springle, Crystal Hurd, Jennifer Harris, and Erin Roth